An fserve for XChat

This page is dedicated to all the people who've helped make TuxServe what it is today. If you help me out in any way, you will be added to here, too :) (They're in alphabetical order).

There have been so many people helping out recently that I've sometimes forgotten to add them - please don't think that this means I don't appreciate your help! I'm just busy with stuff. So, if you should be here, but aren't: sorry :)

[enubis]::Bug reporting.
doublej::Bug reporting and help in fixing it.
cm-SongJiang::Bug reporting.
Eno_::Help with some stupid little bugs in the code that I couldn't fix :) Ideas, testing, support, and just being great.
fuzzybear::Loads of input, feedback, bug reports, ideas, help and poking.
Gazmor::Testing the user side.
gojyo`::Bug finding, reporting, fixing, and general help.
hagar81::Ideas, suggestions and patches.
IkaTaii::Testing and bug reporting.
Mike Goggin::Mac OS X Makefile.
Moobert::Testing user side, bug spotting, and ideas.
pabst::Several great patches and a load of help with the code.
Queerme::Help and information with the Mac OS X version, bug reporting, and ideas.
Raeki::Testing on the user side.
redline::Testing on the user side.
skamp::Bug reporting.
unixnerd::Testing and ideas.
Whiffletree::Testing it and some great ideas.

And of course: thanks to SourceForge for hosting this project and site.


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