An fserve for XChat

This is intented as a quick guide for those of you whom are upgrading a previous version of TuxServe to the latest version. It is just a quick list of things to do (in the order that they must be done!) - I've tried to make it short as to not bore anyone.

- Download the new version of TuxServe and extract it to anywhere you want.
- Compile it with "make" (or "make xca" if you use Mac OS X).
- Type "make upgrade" to upgrade the TuxServe binary (in the "~/.xchat/tuxserve/" dir).
- Run XChat and load TuxServe as before.
- Type "/ts config save" then "/ts config reload".
- Check the config ("/ts config list") and make sure all the settings are to your liking - ESPECIALLY THE NEW SETTINGS!

That's it. From then on you can continue using TuxServe as you did before (except with less bugs and more features.

"Why do I have to save the config and reload it on startup, even though I've not changed it?" - The latest version has new config settings that the old version doesn't. Thusly, your old config file doesn't have these settings. When you save your config with the new version it will save these new settings (all of them will be off - so be sure to set them!). Your old settings will be unaffected by this.

"TuxServe complains about the 'ban_list' file - what do I do?" - From a terminal, type:

touch ~/.xchat2/tuxserve/ban_list

If you have any different problems, please feel free to drop by on IRC.

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