An fserve for XChat

What follows is a list of all features included in TuxServe. This only includes features that are present in the stable releases - but does include things that are on the CVS, but not yet part of a release pack.

  Can have upto 16 different channel settings at once - each with their own adverts, triggers, etc. Can be set to run on an unlimited number of channels.

  Upto 8 different triggers.

  Supports an unlimited number of queues, sends, and users. (The number of sends and users is only limited by your bandwidth).

  Adverts and user interface uses 7 different colours (which can be changed as needed), making it stand out!

  Choose to have it display your advert at a specified interval, or make it run silently - as well as responding to "!list".

  Uses either "/ctcp" type triggers or "!trigger" type (although, not at the same time).

  2 different types of welcome message to your fserve: Load from a text file that you created, or a random quote from "fortune" - or you can disable welcome messages.

  Quick file browsing using "tags". Instead of having to type "cd here" or "get this.whatever", just type the tag to the left of the file/dir.

  Should work fine on any *nix system with GNU tools (eg, Linux, Mac OS X, FreeBSD, etc).

  Open source - released under the GNU/GPL :)

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