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An fserve for XChat

This is a list of Frequently Asked Questions about TuxServe. Either click the link relating to the section you wish to visit, or just scroll down until you find what you need. If this doesn't answer your question, feel free to contact me and ask.





Q: What the devil is TuxServe?
A: TuxServe is an fserve for XChat.

Q: Okay... What's an "fserve"?
A: An IRC based file server. (Before you ask, IRC is an acronym meaning "Internet Relay Chat").

Q: Where do I get TuxServe from?
A: Click the "download" button down the side menu of this site.

Q: Why did you write it? There are others available.
A: There are other fserves, but they're for mIRC on Windows - which are obviously of no use to those of us who neither use mIRC nor Windows. There is one other fserve for XChat that I know of - but that didn't do what I wanted and it's no longer being developed.

Q: How do I contribute to this project?
A: Write some code/docs/translate stuff, report bugs, suggest improvements, tell me what you like about it (as well as what you don't) - feedback is always good. I appreciate any help I get.

Q: Where's the "donations" button?
A: I don't accept monetary donations. If you have spare money that you wish to donate to me, donate it to a more useful project; such as the GNU foundation, SourceForge, or XChat (there are thousands more!).

Q: How do I get help?
A: Click the "Help" button down the side menu of this site, or read this FAQ. If you have a problem that's not answered by any of the docs or this site, then find me on IRC or visit the forums. Click the "Contact" button on this site's menu to find how to contact me.

Q: I've found a bug! What do I do?
A: You should contact me (contact info found on the contact page - click the contact button) or add it to this project's SourceForge bug tracker, which can be found HERE. Also, check out the "Bugs" section of this site.

Q: When is <feature X> going to be added?
A: No idea. Don't hold your breath, either. Just be patient, or code it yourself and send it to me :) Another good way to get a feature implimented is to come on IRC and bug me - if I know that there are people out there who want a certain feature, I'll add it! It's that simple. So, let me know :)

Q: Is there a list of current features?
A: Yes - HERE. It only includes the "biggest" features, as including a list of all features would need to be updated a lot due to the rate of development. You can always read the "changelog" that comes in the TuxServe pack (more upto-date versions will be on the CVS).

Q: Is there a list of features that will be added?
A: Not as such - check out the "todo" list in the CVS.

Q: Is there a list of all the commands that TuxServe accepts?
A: Yes. Click HERE.

Q: Does it automagically list directories when someone uses the "cd" command?
A: Yep. I thought the user would appreciate little things like that - I know I do when I browse other peoples fserves.

Q: Can the "cd" command be used to traverse several directories at once - for instance; "cd ../.." or "cd ../Music/Megadeth"?
A: Nope. As with the tags, you can only move through directories one at a time. There are no plans to change this.

Q: Why are the default colours so blinding?
A: It makes it stand out from the others - plus I think it looks cool. You're free to change them to whatever you want.

Q: How often is TuxServe released?
A: Up until now, it was just whenever I felt that a release was warranted by the improvements over the last release. But that's not really inline with the "release fast, release often" philosophy. So, I've decided that I will (damn well try to) release a new version of TuxServe on the first Monday of every month.

Q: When are bugfix packs released?
A: These will only be released within the first 1 or 2 weeks after a TuxServe release. If there is a big bug after that time that needs to be fixed, I'll just release the next version early :) Also see HERE.

Q: TuxServe and the site haven't been updated in a few weeks - have you abandoned it?
A: NO! I have more things to do than just code. Don't get me wrong, I love coding and have great fun with TuxServe, but I do have other things to do, and I like taking the occasional break from coding :)

Q: Will TuxServe change any of of my XChat settings, like mIRC fserves do?
A: No, it leaves ALL XChat settings as they were. I believe TuxServe should be a plug-in to XChat, not a whole new enviroment.

Q: There's not going to be a version that has XChat bundled with TuxServe integreated, in the way SysReset does?
A: Nope - I don't like that idea. I doubt most people would want that, either.

Q: So it won't change my nick or quit message, or anything?
A: Nope. Not a sausage (if XChat has a sausage setting).

Q: When will TuxServe be finished?
A: It won't be - I'll just keep adding to it and improving it.

Q: When will TuxServe stop being an "Alpha"?
A: Whenever I deem it ready :) Basically, I have no idea.

Q: When I install a new version of TuxServe, it overwrites my old settings! How do I stop that?
A: When installing, use the command "make upgrade" in place of "make install".

Q: What's up with TuxServe not playing nice with other plugins?
A: Interesting question, but the truth is that I don't know. TuxServe seems to "break things" when other plugins are loaded at the same time (in the same copy of XChat). Scripts, however, don't seem to have this problem - so you can run a bunch of perl scripts in XChat and TuxServe will still function as normal, I think. In the future, TuxServe should play nicely with other plugins.

Q: This tool allows people to pirate files - does that mean you support piracy?
A: NO! I do NOT condone piracy! The intention of this is not to pirate software - but yes, it can be used for such purposes. But so can emailers, ftp apps, and http tools - yet that doesn't mean the authors of those support piracy.

Q: I heard you write music as well as code - is there a web site for that?
A: Yeah - but it's more of a web shite. It looks awful, but does the job. Visit it HERE.

Q: Where's the list of all the people you'd like to thank for their help with this project?
A: HERE :)

Q: Is the banana a fruit? Or, as nigel says, a herb?


Q: TuxServe pastes all fserve text into the current window instead of a DCC window! What's wrong?
A: This bugs has been fixed in the last CVS code and is in v0.0.9alpha. For older versions (upgrade!), try typing "/set gui_auto_open_dialog on" into XChat.

Q: How do I ban people from my fserve?
A: "/ts ban <nick>" to ban someone and "/ts unban <nick>" to unban someone. All bans are stored in a text file, in the same directory as all other TuxServe files (~/.xchat2/tuxserve/), named "ban_list".

Q: Can I ban users by hosts instead of nicks?
A: Yes, you can. Just use the same command as above, but instead of putting their nick, put their host address. Please note that it does NOT support wildcards yet, so you cannot ban things like "*.com". The host address is everything after the "@" - do not include the "@", nor the text before it.

Q: Someone in my fserve is camping - is there any way to get rid of them?
A: You could just close the DCC chat session with "/dcc close chat <their_nick>" - but a more fun way is "/ts kick <their_nick>", which will do the same thing - but they get told that they have been kicked. If they keep it up, just ban them from your fserve (see above) - don't put up with annoying leechers. If they're new to IRC/fserves and are only doing it out of ignorance, please don't be an arse and have a go at them - help them out. We were all n00bs once...

Q: When someone lists the files on my fserve, TuxServe keeps saying things about wrong permissions, yet the permissions on the files and directories are fine. How do I fix this?
A: (Depreciated) Make sure you have a "/" at the end of each "trigger_dir" path in the settings.

Q: What are these bugfix packs I heard mentioned?
A: Within the first week or 2 after a release of TuxServe, I release little bugfix packs to be added to the latest TuxServe release - these add last minute changes and bug fixes. This is to save people having to resort to using the CVS code.

Q: What's this "tags" system and what are the benefits?
A: Here's (roughly) what it says in the TuxServe help:

The tags are a very simple way of navigating the fserve's file system and requesting files. To the left of every file is a tag in a bold and coloured font - it's the several digit code starting with a number and ending in the letter "f". If you wish to get a file, just enter the file's tag. For example, if you see a file like this:

8f:   tuxserve-0.0.8alpha.tar.gz   44kb

Instead of typing "get tuxserve-0.0.8alpha.tar.gz", you can simply type "8f" - it will do exactly the same thing. The same goes for directories - except their tags are a different colour and end in the letter "d". If, for example, you wanted to enter this directory:

3d:   source code/

You can just type "3d" instead of "cd source code". If you prefer to not use the tags, the normal "get" and "cd" commands are there for you to use. Also, when you use the tags to change directory, the contents of the new directory are automatically listed for you, so you don't need to type "dir" or "ls".

Q: I get an error with number of users not clearing out when someone failed to connect - how do I fix this?
A: Until I fix this properly, try the command (make sure that there is no one in the fserve at the time!) "/ts csaq clear_users".

Q: How do I use make TuxServe use "dccserver"?
A: There are 2 ways: 1) download a patch from the XChat site, and recompile XChat, or 2) don't. I don't like dccserver, as only mIRC users can use it (unless you install the XChat patch mentioned above). A better idea is to sort out the port forwarding on your router/gateway, so you can use normal DCC.

Q: When someone types "!list" I don't see the advert sent, but they say they see it. What's going on?
A: By default, TuxServe now sends all notices (such as the advert response to "!list") via RAWs. If you want to see all things like this, instead of them being hidden, use the command: "/ts config set use_raws 0".

Q: When I set the advert timer to 60, it shows every minute instead of every hour! Why?
A: The value you give timers in TuxServe is in SECONDS - not minutes. So, if you set it for "60", it means 60 seconds - not 60 minutes. You'd need to use a value of "3600" (60*60) for an hour.

Q: TuxServe complains about the 'ban_list' file - what do I do?
A: Open a text editor and create a blank file in "~/.xchat2/tuxserve/" called "ban_list".

Q: I'm using Mac OS X, but when I try "make xca" it says something like "no gcc command". How do I fix it?
A: You need to install something called "Xcode Tools" from Apple's site: http://developer.apple.com/tools/download/. It's free, but you have to signup (also free) to get it. After you get this, make sure you install GCC (the latest version that will install).

Q: TuxServe compiles fine on my Mac OS X box, but when I load it, why does it keep giving errors on the config file (and the queues/sends files)?
A: The "make install" option for TuxServe installs it in "~/.xchat2/tuxserve/". This is fine for those of us on Linux (etc), but it needs to be in a different place on the Mac. I've added "make install_xca" and "make upgrade_xca" to install TuxServe in the correct place for you OS X users. Or just move TuxServe and its files to "/Applications/x-chat_aqua/plugins/" by hand.

Q: When TuxServe starts, it sometimes says there are sends/queues/users in the advert. Why?
A: I'm not too sure - it seems to be getting some bogus data from somewhere. It's easy enough to fix - to clear sends type: "/ts csaq clear_sends". To clear queues, type: "/ts csaq clear_queues". And to clear users, use: "/ts csaq clear_users".

Q: When users try and log into my fserve, a DCC session is accepted and all that works cool. But they get no welcome message, and they get a timeout warning after just a few seconds! How do I fix it?
A: Clearing the users list should do the trick - try: "/ts csaq clear_users".

Q: When I load TuxServe in XChat Aqua (on Mac OS X), XChat Aqua crashes! Why?
A: I'm not sure at the moment, all I know is that it takes a disliking to something in the default config file. To fix this, just delete the file "/Applications/x-chat_aqua/plugins/tuxserve/config.cfg" then reload TuxServe. It will give an error saying that it cannot find the config file, so set up the config as you want it, then save it (to create a new config) with "/ts config save".

Q: Why does XChat crash when a user quits the fserve, in TuxServe v0.0.12.2 patched (with "auto_close" on)?
A: This is another mystery... But it should be resolved soon. Either disable "auto_close" or revert to the unpatched version of TuxServe v0.0.12.2.


Q: What platforms does it run on?
A: It's being developed on a GNU/Linux machine (Slackware), but it should work on most Unices. It has been tested (and found to work) on several distros of Linux, FreeBSD 5.2.1, and Mac OS X.

Q: What license is TuxServe released under?
A: The GNU/GPL. This means that it's not only free (as in beer) to all, but that you can get the source code to it and modify it.

Q: What language is it writen in?
A: Good old C.

Q: What do I need in order to run TuxServe?
A: XChat 2 (and all it's dependancies), a small amount of disk space, internet access, a pet vampire-monkey, and 3 feet of purple cheese wire.

Q: Does it require any extra libraries to run/compile?
A: If you can run/compile XChat, you should be fine.

Q: Where can I get all these latest features I keep reading about?
A: The CVS repository.

Q: What is this CVS thing I keep reading about?
A: It's basically a central storage for all the TuxServe code, and where the very latest code lives. Please note that the CVS code is classed as "bleeding" edge, and will occasionally be broken. Information on how to get the CVS code can be found HERE.

Q: What's the point of getting CVS code to fix bugs if it's likely to be broken too?
A: If you access the CVS after 18:00 GMT, then the chances are it will be working. If you just want the bug fixes, then check out the bugfix packs, or wait for the next release of TuxServe.

Q: There's a Windows version of XChat - will there be a Windows version of TuxServe to run on it?
A: To be honest, I'm not sure. There seems to be a large number of people on Windows moving to XChat from mIRC, and if they want an fserve... Although, people wanting an fserve on Windows are spoilt for choice. After I get a lot more of TuxServe finished and working, and if there's significant interest, I may consider it - but I'm not sure how I'd do it - I have no Windows boxen. Plus there are several features of TuxServe that rely on *nix functions... If someone wants to port it to Windows, be my guest :)

Q: What format are all TuxServe's files in?
A: They're all in plain text. If you wish to look into any of them, just load them into any text editor.

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