An fserve for XChat

There are 2 main ways to contact me: IRC and email.


This is the quickest and best way to contact me. If you send me a message via IRC, you will probably get a response very quickly (within minutes usually). It's by far my favourite method of contact.

You can find me in #oldskool on - my nick is "Aypok". I hang around in other channels too, but this is my "home" :) Stick around on this network, there are some great people and channels. Please note that on joining #oldskool, or any other channel, you may receive a CTCP version request - this is just to check if you're a bot or a real person :)

Please note that I run on GMT - so, if you message me between the hours of 00:00 and 10:00 GMT, you won't get a response until some time after 10:30.


I have no idea why you'd not want to use IRC to contact me about an IRC app, but hey - some people are odd. Anyhoo, you can contact me via email at: aypok at users dot sourceforge dot net.

Please note that I only check my emails once every few days - sometimes weekly. So a response may take a while.

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