An fserve for XChat

This bugs are where you have problems setting the channels to serve in - eg, when you use a command like "/ts config set channels #serve-here #w00t #etc" it'll either not set anything, or set the "voiceme_channels" to this. Also, the bugs which causes weird things to happen when you try and set the triggers or trigger_dirs. Here's how to fix the bugs:

- Extract the TuxServe 0.0.8alpha source package as normal.
- Click HERE to download a tar.gz file containing some new files.
- Extract the new archive into the extracted TuxServe source directory - overwriting existing files.
- Compile TuxServe as normal.

This bugfix (as will all of them) contains all previous bug fixes - so you don't need to apply each one - just the latest. Other fixes in this include: Mac OS X Makefile support (for compiling on Mac OS X), fixed some colour bugs, timer bug fix.

As usual, let me know of any other bugs, or if this still doesn't fix it.

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