An fserve for XChat


(This is basically copy and pasted from the README file included with the patch)

This is a "diff" patch to update TuxServe and TuxServe (which is with the previous patch) to the latest code. These patches are applied differently to previous TuxServe patches, but this way isn't much harder - it's all explained below :)

TuxServe was mainly released to fix the bug whereby TuxServe causes XChat to crash out when a user exits the fserve. Along with that, this update fixes the percentage shown on the sends list, several memory leaks, much nicer string handling and DCC fail handling - plus various other little things.

A huge amount of thanks needs to be given to "pabst" for his original patches, which is what this latest update it based on. He fixed the crashing on exit and cleaned up several functions - among other things.

And also a load of thanks to "fuzzybear" for testing the original versions of this patch, and spotting a major bug - which has now been fixed :)

In the archive that this README file came in should be 2 other files:


These are the 2 patch files. You only need apply 1 of them - which one you apply depends on which version of TuxServe you are applying the patch to.

If you have the basic unpatched version of TuxServe, you must use the patch file "tuxserve-". If, however, you are applying it to a copy TuxServe's code which has been patched, you'll need to use the "tuxserve-" patch file.

If you are unsure on which version of the code you have, just delete it and re-extract the basic TuxServe code, then apply the "tuxserve-" patch to it.

Here's how to apply the patch file to the code:

Copy the required patch file (see above) to the "tuxserve-" directory.
Change to the "tuxserve-" directory and type "patch -i <patchfile>" - where <patchfile> is the name of the patch file you copied into this dir.


$ tar -zxvf tuxserve-bugfix-20050120.tar.gz
$ cp tuxserve-bugfix-20050120/tuxserve- tuxserve-
$ cd tuxserve-
$ patch -i tuxserve-
patching file config.c
patching file dcc.c
patching file dcc.h
patching file main.c
patching file sends.c

The above example is patching the basic code.

If the patch gives errors, cancel the patching and try the other patch. If neither patch works, come and find me on IRC.

After you've patched the code, you'll need to recompile TuxServe. This is done in the usual manor, which I shall recap here.

Make sure you're still in the directory where the TuxServe code is, then type "make". If you already have a previous version of TuxServe installed, type "make upgrade" - this will upgrade TuxServe, but leave your configuration and queues files as you set them. If this is your first installation of TuxServe, type "make install". IMPORTANT: You must type "make upgrade" or "make install" as the user you intend to run XChat under (not root!).


$ make
gcc -Wall -O1 -shared config.c dcc.c display.c main.c menus.c queues.c sends.c -o

Type 'make install' to install TuxServe into ~/.xchat2/tuxserve/
or type 'make upgrade' to install the new version, but keep your old settings.
$ make upgrade
cp ~/.xchat2/tuxserve/

All done - TuxServe will now load with XChat.

Reload the TuxServe plugin in XChat (you'll see an orange message letting you know that your version of TuxServe has changed - that's a good thing!), save the config again ("/ts config save"), then continue about your normal business :)

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