An fserve for XChat

This bug fix pack is to solve 2 minor bugs - more "annoyances" than bugs. The displaying of the text "too many sends: x" has been fixed, and DCC chat windows will now autoclose (if it's enabled) when a user times out as well as when they quit properly. Here's how to fix the bugs:

- Extract the TuxServe source package as normal.
- Click HERE to download a tar.gz file containing some new files.
- Extract the new archive into the extracted TuxServe source directory - overwriting existing files.
- Compile TuxServe as normal. But use the "make upgrade" option, rather than "make install" - "make upgrade" will keep your queues/sends/config files and just update the TuxServe binary, whereas "make install" will overwrite everything with the default files.

As usual, let me know of any other bugs, or if this still doesn't fix it.

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